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McGregor Remix



Royal Pal Trunk Skin.png

McGregor Boulevard is best known for the dramatic colonnade of over 1,800 Royal Palms leading to the Historic Downtown River District in the City of Palms at its terminus. It is also home to many beautifully crafted and well constructed, mid-century modern homes.  Despite the many hurricanes, tropical storms, and flooding events that these homes have encountered over the years, the structural integrity of these homes remain.  However, their plumbing fixtures, interior finishes, and interior walls in some cases, are reaching the end of their life span and need to be repaired, or in some cases removed and replaced.


In one of these homes, the walls surrounding a vintage cast iron tub needed to be removed and reconstructed due to the erosion of grout that occurred over time. The eroding grout lead to tiny holes allowing water to seep behind the finishes and enter the wall cavity beyond. Overtime, the moisture lead to the formation of mold and hence the need for this remodel to take place.  

The horizontal porcelain tiles selected as finishes for the walls surrounding the tub and shower were inspired by the the horizontal striations and smooth textures found in the trunk skin of the Royal Palm trees lining McGregor Boulevard.

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