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An Artist Retreat



Art Studio Renders.png

This conceptually designed, "off-the-grid" Artist Retreat integrates itself into the landscape through the use of locally sourced materials and micro-climate conditions. 

Operable clerestory glazing, located above the center of the home, allows natural daylight to penetrate deep into each space and naturally ventilates the home. South facing glazing is shaded by a roof overhand to reduce solar heat gain in the summer, while openings on the North are limited but strategically designed to assist with cross ventilation. To reduce heat loss, through the glazing, window quilts are used on the North and South facades during the winter months.

Straw bales are used to thermally insulate the home while reducing its overall embodied carbon. A fire place, is centrally located and wrapped in stone found on-site, serves as the primary heating source. 

Photovoltaic panels are located on the west facing roof slope to generate all of the electricity needed. A solar thermal hot water system supplies all of the necessary heat for water used. A rainwater harvesting system collects, stores, and filters the water for use and a toilet composting system, which requires no water, decomposes human waste naturally. 

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