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Chateau Riverfront



Pittsburgh’s identity has always been its work. Thirty years ago when it lost the steel mills that forged it’s 20th century reputation, it became part of the Rust Belt Region, with a fractured economy and three polluted rivers; the Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio. This great challenge has had one salutary effect. It encouraged Pittsburgh to clean up the heavy industrial demise and strategically plan its development future.


The Chateau Riverfront Neighborhood is one of the few remaining areas within the City that is reminiscent of Pittsburgh's industrial past. In total, it occupies approximately 153 acres of prime riverfront redevelopment opportunities. Although, it is physically disconnected from the surrounding historic residential Manchester neighborhood, it is connected on the southern end to the Golden Triangle by the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. This area has experienced a major transformation over the past two decades and is now home to the Three Rivers Casino, Heinze Field, PNC Park, and the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Our proposed neighborhood redevelopment scheme will expand on the 13 miles of trails, green space and riverfront development that has occured. By linking the redevelopment with the pedestrian network along the river and by extending the Silver, Blue, and Red Metro Lines all new development will flourish with pedestrian activity. 

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