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Cranbrook Spa



Situated on the Cranbrook Academy of Art campus in Detroit Michigan, the conceptually designed spa supports the mind, body and and spirit of the entire community of students and faculty, as well as tourists, guests, and other itinerant visitors that use this facility. The wellness center situates within its context, strengthens the grand alley axis and generates a revitalized foreground to the Cranbrook campus. 

The floor plan and spaces within transition from a more open, inviting and public space at the entry, to more private, secluded, and darker spaces the farther you walk into the building as it nestles into the landscape. 

This project seeks to integrate the structure, the environment, and construction of the building, three dynamic and interdependent forces that comprise what we know as architecture, into a comprehensive design solution. It seeks to join the practical with the poetic through the development of architecture solutions at various scales. 

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