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Naples Village High School



This innovative, conceptually designed proposal for the next Naples Village High School, encourages collaboration and active participation between the five disciplines in US education.

STEAM - an innovative, next generation approach to integrate and encourage collaboration between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics 

To promote interactions between students and teachers from one classroom to another, the hallways and corridors that connect each of the  classrooms were designed to be collaboration spaces that activated and enhanced non-classroom learning. 

While environments that required fixed infrastructure (labs, workshops, etc.) were placed alongside the more flexible teaching zones, additional smaller interventions convened in a “heart” space, which is a central area where all parts of student life could interact. The heart space, in this case the courtyard, was at the key intersection between departments and circulation paths. 

Large windows in the classrooms with glass shelving on the inside, creates a seamless transition between the readings and the labwork, and allows for ongoing investigations to be on display even when not being actively engaged. The tools and technology that support these spaces will be constantly evolving, so the design builds in the ability to accommodate change over time.

“Everything is Connected”
Fluid connections between disciplines encourage students to make productive connections between subjects increase interactions.


“Anytime Is a Teaching Moment”
Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. The building itself can be a teaching tool. 

“Learning Happens by Doing”
Successful STEM facilities encourage an active, hands-on approach to learning and teaching. 

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